21 Interesting Facts Of The Virgo Personality

How to Become More Compassionate

In a recent book, Toward a True Kinship of Faiths, the Dalai Lama made some profound statements. He focuses on “the centrality of compassion as a universal spiritual value.” He stated that his life has been a quest to find “a balance between single-pointed commitment to one’s own faith and genuine openness to the value of other faiths.”

Who Are You? Consciousness?

Does it confuse you when someone says that you are consciousness? You try to figure out what that person means by consciousness. You manage to somehow get an idea of ‘what it could be’. But then when you see some spiritual people talking about consciousness, you find that it does not fit into what you were thinking consciousness is. I have a few questions for you. Just answer by a simple yes or no.

Going With the Flow – The Emerging Opium of the Masses

“Flow is not a comforting thought. It is what it is. Flow is not there to hold your hand. It can kill you anytime. It is not concerned about you. It is as it is. It does not even know you exist. You exist as a separate entity for yourself, not for what is.”

Improving Your Spiritual Growth and Wellness With Affirmations

How do you shift your consciousness? Affirmations are a wonderful way to change your life and draw to you all that you desire in terms of spirituality and personal growth.

Spiritual Surrender

When you look at surrender in earthly terms it doesn’t sound like something that you would want to do. So, it is important to begin to break away from your conscious thoughts on surrendering and instead move towards the spiritual definition of surrender.

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