21 Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

What God Has Blessed

We see in the world today, people who presume to possess some unique wisdom to accommodate certain thorns on their hearts. Whatever personal reasons they may have, thorns remain nothing else but thorns, and in due course they must surely manifest. God’s blessing is only on the man who recognizes these thorns for what they are and treats them as such.

A Great Christian Encouragement

C.S. Lewis was famed to say, words to the effect: “While Christians may not be better than non-Christians, they are certainly better than they would be without their Christian faith.” Praise God for such a reassuring truth. The object of the Christian faith was never to make us perfect (even if that were possible) or ‘better’ than others. How easy we might forget – and Satan loves to remind us – we are sinners! Yet, condemned we are not.

Being the One You Can Become

There comes for us all, seasons of maladjustment and discontent. When they take hold we can find ourselves lost to the oblivion of relative spiritual darkness, even though there are brilliant shards of pervading light all around us.

A Simple Method I Used to Start Meditating

First sit in a comfortable position with the lighted candle in front of you. Inhale and hold your breath, count to five, and then let go of your breath slowly. Do this three times so you’re completely relaxed. Gently gaze at the flame of the lighted candle for a few minutes. Let any thoughts you may have come and go. Just observe them as you gaze, and don’t try to control them. Then close your eyes and you should see an image of the candle in your mind. Try your best to hold on to that image for as long as possible. The image may get bigger and smaller, and try to dwindle away. Try your best to focus and keep that image going in your mind. It turns out to be sort of a game. How long can I keep that image of the candle in my mind? Don’t worry about time and how long you can do this, just enjoy the process. As you do this more and more, you will be able to hold the image in your mind for longer and longer.

The Ultimate Cause of Everything: Connect With Your Ultimate Self

When looking at causation, we need to ask: What causes things? What is the ultimate cause of everything? By taking a look at the universe we can see that everything is interlinked at such a level that we can’t help but wonder if anything really can happen. We need to understand that it’s up to the universe to make things happen. The entire universe needs to conspire to cause them to happen.

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