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Welcome to my 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review. Watch this video till the end to know everything about 7 Day Prayer Miracle Program By Amanda Ross. By the end of this video, you will be in a position to decide for yourself whether 7 Day Prayer Miracle is for you or not?

What is 7 Days Prayer Miracle By Amanda Ross?
The 7 Day Prayer Miracle program was started by a lady named Amanda Ross. This course helps you in learning the best way to pray. Amanda Ross and her husband met with a terrible accident. When everything seemed like it was going downhill, Amanda met someone. She walked into a rundown bookstore, and the person behind the counter gave her a prayer, which became her mantra for life.

Hear, oh God, my prayer. Look in favor at my pain. Hear and act. Dont delay, for I bear your name. This prayer, given to her by Michael, changed her life, and she wrote the 7 Day Prayer Miracle program, which includes other such prayers. This course can be your guide to reach out to the positive vibrations around you and transform the way you function. It will give you step-by-step instructions on how to pray and which prayer can help you the best.

How Does This 7 Day Prayer Miracle Work?

The program is based on the belief that your mind is trained to get attracted easily to negative thoughts more than positive ones. In this scenario, you become anxious, depressed, scared, and start to lose hope. When your mind is filled with positive thoughts, you are encouraged to take that extra effort, and good things start unfolding for you. The most comforting way to feel those positive vibrations is by praying.

Amanda Ross talks about scientific research in her 7 Day Prayer Miracle program. The study shows how your brain absorbs negativity faster and how a simple prayer can help change that. A prayer can put your mind in a theta state or a meditative state, thus, attracting all the positive vibrations around you. With the 7 Day Prayer Miracle program, you will feel like you are living in a world filled with miracles. If you stay positive, then positive things will happen in your life.

What is Included In This 7 Day Prayer Miracle Program?

The 7 Day Prayer Miracle Grabbing the Attention of Heaven

This is an eBook that will guide you through your journey of praying. It will give you step-by-step instructions on how to pray and what each prayer can do for you. Whether praying for success, wellness, safety, forgiveness, or just peace, this book will coach you on achieving this.

7 Day Prayer Journal

This ornate journal helps your neural activities. Once you start making your regular entries into the journal, you will be training your brain to think positively. It will help you focus on what you want to achieve and make you emotionally and mentally healthy.

A Song Of Shifts

This bonus CD is an audio file that consists of a frequency which only angels can hear. So, putting this audio on while praying can be an excellent way to reach out to God.

Divine Hearing

This bonus book will guide you on how you can recognize and decipher signs sent to you by angels. The book will teach you to remove the plugs of negativity from your ears and tune into angelic messages.

Divine Numbers

There are times when you will keep seeing the same number again and again. This could be a code being sent to you by angels. This bonus book will help you understand these numbers and the life-changing secrets it can unlock.

The Prayer Of Daniel

This bonus eBook is 476 words long. It is a prayer that can help you accomplish your life goals. The prayer is of four verses, and it is recommended that you recite it every day for more significant benefits.

Since the 7 Day Prayer Miracle program includes different components such as PDF files, MP3 audio files, bonuses (A Song of Shifts, Divine Hearing, Divine Numbers and The Prayer of Daniel), free lifetime updates… it cannot be sold on Amazon. It’s only available on Amanda Ross’s official website.

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All we are is the result of what we have thought.

Thanks for watching 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review.

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