7 Day Prayer Miracle Review

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What Is Jesus’ Model for Servant Leadership?

SERVANT management is not about being treated like a slave. It’s more about seeing ourselves as slaves who are prepared and also ready to do the work of the Kingdom in our round.

The Theological Grace of True Contemplation

ELEGANCE infuses life in and also through an obedient, surrendered soul. It would be unsubstantiated the witness of a job of God’s elegance with somebody not surrendered and disobedient.

The Avenging Victory of Suffering Love to Vanquish Evil

What makes the cross conquer evil is the rebirth. The cross, of itself, was the foretaste of the success ahead; a prevue of wickedness’s death. It crushed all of Satan’s proud hope. And yet the fullness of the triumph was then understood in the resurrection of our Lord. Yet it was the cross that defeated the adversary – a love wickedness can not see coming.

Dressing For The Battle

Satan and also his military have just one purpose in mind, which is to acquire access right into our lives with our mind/thoughts. Folks, Satan despises the church, he doesn’t intend to just bring upon a little pain upon us, he wishes to ruin us, and also the method he deals with doing this is through our minds/thoughts.

The Miracle That Is The Local Church

EVERYBODY, everything, on a daily basis: in Acts 2:42 -47 – a section of Scripture every priest and numerous ardent Christians understand totally – the local church is explained. It is a fact in the First Century, yet it is a vision for the church today.