Angel Colors: Using Color to Invoke your Angels

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Angel Colors: Using Color to Invoke your Angels

Have you heard of angel colors?

Angel colors are essentially specific colors of light and energy that you can use to invoke the presence of angels!

Angels, of course, are incredibly powerful spiritual beings, who will do whatever they can to assist you in your life’s journey. But as is the case with all highly evolved light beings in spirit, they will not interfere in your reality without your permission.

It is true that when you invite the guidance, love, wisdom, and healing of the angels into your life, with a simple intention, or by asking for their assistance, they will respond, and they will do everything they can to help you.

But sometimes… At least when it comes to down my personal experience, I’ve wanted to be able to do more on my part to align with their help and assistance. I have learned that connecting with angels is best accomplished when I lift my vibration, as they lower theirs down… We meet in the middle so to speak.

When you ask, angels answer… But their help doesn’t always come in the way you might expect… And if you’re not in vibrational alignment with the angels, or in a state of mindful awareness when they offer a nudge in the right direction or a download of divine guidance… You might not even notice.


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