Angel Number 289 Meaning – Reasons Why You Seeing 2:89 Signs?

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What You See Is the Reflection of Your Own Life

The world looks different to me than it does to you. There are a couple a good reasons why this is so. One is because my past experiences are different than yours and the other is because of my beliefs about these experiences.

God At The Movies

Movies can be very powerful. Movies have the power to tell important stories; in fact, today story telling often takes place at the movies. The stories told in movies can create a friendly and familiar connection to Jesus for church and community members since Jesus was a story teller.

Finding the Truth of Who You Are

Following below you will find a poem-like article in which I look beyond our personal, made-up realities to the Universal Reality that we all share and that we all are. Until we face our terror of letting go of our personal realities we will never know what is universally true; we will never find our real selves; we will never really know each other. The form is not “The Thing” Our form is not “The Thing” We are “The Thing”.

How to Communicate With Your Spirit Guides

Q: How does spirit communication work – AND – do we all have our own unique individual spirit guides who watch over us and keep us safe? A: Spirit guide communication is another one of those very cool..

Astral Body Fitness – Your Astral Body Will Be Strong on The Ethereal Plane

Similar to the way your physical body requires good nutrition and exercise to remain fit, so does the spiritual you. Prayer and meditation serve to strengthen and maintain the ethereal intellect but astral realm actions like projecting, karma transferring, telekinesis, astral plane aerobics and astral sex are needed to give the immortal body the workout it needs to be strong and vital.

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