Angel Number 296 Meaning – Reasons Why You Seeing 2:96 Signs?

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How to Ascend Through the Release of Pain

As humans, we all experience pain through the process of living and growing. When it becomes obvious that we can no longer put off the task of releasing our pain, we must learn how to unravel it so that we can realize our truth as part of our evolution. I share my path of healing so that others may come to understand their own paths better.

Spiritual Transcendence of the Quantum Self

Most people think that spiritual transcendance occurs as a big cataclysmic experience but it also occurs in barely noticeable moments. The common belief in a consistent self is fundamentally erroneous. We are more a confederation of selves that are connected to varying unconscious models of the world. When we understand this then it helps us to notice that we also have small moments of spiritual enlightenment. One might say we can experience moments of “micro-transcendance.”

Authoring the Colors of Our Own Spirituality

Choosing the values to which we anchor ourselves is like deciding which colors to paint on a canvas. Do we have the courage to author our own art or do we wimp out and plagiarize from some other author? We can lift our spirituality if we become conscious of this conflict that we all experience moment to moment in our daily lives.

Men in Ministry the Value of a Retreat

Men’s retreat may not be as prevalent as they once were. The value of a retreat is as dramatic today as it was when Jesus conducted them 2,000 years ago. The time it takes, the priorities on our schedules need to be adjusted to make a retreat work into the schedule. The value is great for all who participate. The attendees only get out to the level of what they put in.

Moon Rituals and Ceremonies

There are a number of ways in which you can maximise the powerful moon cycles and energies in the form of rituals and ceremonies which can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. Read on to find out how you can release what is not working in your life during the full moon, or capitalise on the powerful manifestation acceleration that the new moon brings.

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