Angel Number 301 Meaning – Reasons Why You Seeing 3:01 Signs?

7 Day Prayer Miracle
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True Spiritual Grit

Grace is everything, and never more when we have nothing. With grace we have hope that God can make the impossible, possible. For faith in the impossible we employ true spiritual grit.

Honesty, A Place to Stand

Honesty is fidelity to what the heart sees and knows and feels at every moment. When you’re honest, you have something you can share, something you can wholeheartedly agree on, something you can build on, even if it’s sorrow or regret.

Know Thyself – The Purpose of Life

I have the privilege to be one of John’s friends. He was a successful businessman in his younger years, but sold his business and moved to the countryside, to a beautiful historical town, a cultural center that attracts many painters and sculptors searching for a relaxed life. Moving to Tiradentes, MG, after retiring, John now dedicates his life to his hobbies: reading and gardening.

How to Laugh Your Fears Away

Resistance usually tells us of some lurking fear. Often, it has no reality in your present life but at one time it was trying to protect you from something. Look at your resistance in the NOW. Just sit with it and have tea. Talk to it. Laugh at it. Then get on with your life.

10 Tips On How To Hear From God Today

How do I hear from God? How do I ensure I don’t follow the wrong voice? There are many voices out there seeking who to obey it. Therefore learning how to hear from God, thereby differentiating Him from others is very important for your Christian walk with the Lord. This article gives helpful tips on hearing from God.

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