Angel Number 302 Meaning Reasons Why You Seeing 3:02 Signs?

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Why Didn’t God Prevent This From Happening?

We may be able to prevent tragedies that happen to other people if we are willing to change some of the toxic social systems we have. Blaming God for the trouble doesn’t get us anywhere.

Woundedness – Path to True Spirituality

Everyone has a wound. But it is not a fatal weakness. On the contrary, it is actually the path to God. Our woundedness was how God got through to us regarding our need of him. Our wound brought us to life!

Worship Is An Attitude of Gratitude! The Heart Defines Worship, Not Church Services or Music!

Sometimes people tend to define worship as a church service, not an attitude of the heart. Worship begins when we are alone, not when we are at church. And it begins with receiving and living gospel truth that transitions our lives into being worshipers.

Why Most People Can’t Concentrate Correctly and Meditate

There are many paths and scores of teachers with different explanations of meditation and real meditation has nothing in common with the unscientific techniques of breath control taught by a host of ill-advised zealots. Lets clear up some misconceptions about meditation. There has to be clarification between…

Karma and Reincarnation: How to Know If You’re Finally Done With Him or Her

Almost everyone has had a challenging relationship. Unfortunately, the connection may not be fully dissolved in terms of your karmic dance through lifetimes.

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