Angel Number 308 Meaning Reasons Why You Seeing 3:08 Signs?

7 Day Prayer Miracle
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The Prison of Pride

Pride is one the greatest enemies of relationships. This can be a great factor in our relationship with God.

Synchronicity – Lifting the Veil Between Worlds

What is synchronicity? How can we work with it? This is an article about synchronicity, and how to harness it for use it in your life through understanding the synchronistic meaning behind illnesses, and the many other challenges that life presents us.

Delving Into Witchcraft – How to Create Your Own Wiccan Spells

A common question asked by new magickal practitioners relates to spell writing and construction. In a basic overview, learn about the importance of specificity, rhyme, spell wording, visualization, timing, and adherence to the Wiccan Rede.

Walking In the Footsteps of a Shaman

My story about a May 2012 trip to a spiritual event with the Inca shaman I study and work with. Read about the wonders and the work of a true shaman in action! Plus get a crash course in quantum physics and pyramid energy in the process!

Basic Purpose of Fasting

Ramadan is the great Holy month. Every year, Muslims fast for thirty days in this Holy month of the sunrise with the sun rest. It is the order of our Creator to spend one month in fasting, and we should follow His order. The question that is asked by the majorities of non-Muslims that what the basic purpose of fasting is. There are many purposes for fasting and many benefits as well.

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