Angel Number 310 Meaning – Reasons Why You Seeing 3:10 Signs?

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A Universe From Nothing? Has Lawrence M Krauss Missed the Point?

Dr. Lawrence M. Krauss, eminent cosmologist, theoretical physicist, and author of A Universe from Nothing: Why There Is Something Rather than Nothing, is challenged for not answering the question implied in the title of his book. This article looks at the question directly and offers a definitive, logical, and down-to-earth answer, one that scientists are unlikely to want to acknowledge.

Freemason Beliefs: What Do Masons Believe?

The Freemasons, veiled in secrecy, shrouded in mystery but what do they really believe? Is Freemasonry a Religion? Do the Masons believe in God? Or is it nothing more than a “system of morality, veiled in allegory”? This are some of the questions considered in this article.

Embracing the Feminine In All

Wonder what shifting into 5th dimension means, and how we transition through the 4th dimension before getting there? Embracing the feminine in all to integrate the feminine and masculine aspects in ourselves, while resisting fear and confusion is a positive start. We’ve been polarized for too long, and it is time to become complete.

The Secret Life Of God

Existence, being the objective medium of reality that it is and the fact that everything can and will happen in existence, there are not any real secrets. Existence knows all the realities of our lives. Indeed, we can call existence objective Mother and Father God, really because of this, and until we mature we are the children of existence, until we can control and create reality ourselves. This article is an exploration of our birthright, not a “final answer”.

Life Path Choices

Now, that I am older and had many opportunities to drink from the fountain of life; I offer the young person starting out and trying to making their way into the world, the following advice, and a simple exercise to help you figure this potential out: Be who you are; Seek to express yourself in the world And don’t let others hold you back From this individual expression. Often, we are jailed by what society, friends, religion and family want for us. Sometimes, this pressure to do something…

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