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Coping and Hoping in God

God is bigger – yes, we can cope, God is deeper – yes, we can hope. God is wider – than any problem’s threat, God is longer – than any sinner’s debt. Faith helps us cope; when we cope, we have hope.

Short Term and Long Term Goals on Streamlining One’s Life

Reflective people begin to question the way their life moves along and decide to apply themselves to it with seriousness, instead of drifting along at the mercy of circumstances. Such application requires that we set our goals and polarize our life around them. Suggestions are given for short and long term goals. The value of looking onto some paranormal phenomena is brought out for the long term goals.

A Different Look at the Book of James

Writers, who write best, write from their perspective on life. If you have experienced something traumatic such as the death of a child, been involved in a war or survived a natural disaster and you write about it, then chances are your writing will reflect the deeper and often mixed feelings of the event. You readers are then more drawn into your writing because you wrote from what you knew. Equally significant is taking some time to understand the background of an author before you read their work so the intended meaning becomes clearer.

Jesus, Christianity, And A Ministry That Backfired

Jesus meant for people to sort out their own troubled condition, and learn to stand on their own two feet. He wanted men to go and tell others what it was like to be reconnected with God. He had accomplished this in the lives of a few even while he was still alive. He had no intention of starting some sort of movement.

The Sorrow of Unrequited Love

How often in a single day do we actively or passively fail, to genuinely requite the infinite love of God our Father? How many times do we select, consciously or otherwise, during a day to prefer our own will over His Divine Will? How often do we proceed, without any thought whatsoever, to plunge that unbearably sharp arrow of pain, grief and sorrow into the Core of the Divine Heart of God the Father? And this irrespective of the inherent cruelty and, oftentimes, deliberate insistence on proceeding, despite being aware of the reality of such cruelty?

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