Angel Number 318 Meaning – Reasons Why You Seeing 3:18 Signs?

Prayer – 4 Hindrances to Answered Prayer (And What To Do Instead)

Feel like you’ve been praying, but your prayers seem to be falling on a deaf ear? I believe that every prayer is answered but often times we get in our own way of experiencing the answer. When that happens we become angry because what we believed for did not manifest in our reality.

Numerology and the Number 9: 7 Very 9 Oriented Things

Extreme over or under-abundances in the numerology charts aren’t easy to live with. Below we list 7 things individuals with a lot (dozens of factors) of the number 9 in their comprehensive numerology have an affinity toward.

How Can I Be On A Spiritual Path In This Material World?

Is there conflict between spiritual awareness and the material plane? What is the real meaning of being on a spiritual path? Discover how you can use your spiritual awareness, even in this material world.

My Little Blind Dog Peanut IN The Midst of The Storm

God guides Peanut everyday in protection, knowing that he is blind, Peanut knows where to walk without walking into the door or danger, he walks in the same path everyday. This is what God wants from us to walk in the same path of righteousness everyday so that we won’t fall or walk into something that will hurt us.

Should You Only Focus In The Present Moment?

Some teachers tell you to always keep your attention in the present — that only the present moment is real. Other teachers tell you to heal your past. Yet others tell you to dream of your future. Why do teachers present these contradictory teachings? Where is the unity between these teachings?

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