Angel Number 323 Meaning – Reasons Why You Seeing 3:23 Signs?

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How Do You Find Your True Spiritual Identity?

Amidst layers of illusions, how do you discover your spiritual identity? You might be inclined to embark upon the search for your true identity by exploring your ancestry.

Are the Solar Flares Boosting Your Cosmic Awareness?

Or, are the solar flares just bringing your old stuff to the surface? An ordinary explosion creates a sheer energetic force of chaotic power.

If You Are Guided By Your Higher Self, Then Why Are There So Many Difficulties?

You do have a higher self, and its purpose is to provide a healing, yet instructive cosmic perspective, provided that you are ready and willing to receive it. And you do have many aspects of self that could definitely benefit from higher self assistance: Your body, your emotions, and your thoughts all express their own understanding — or misunderstanding — of reality, and each of these aspects would certainly benefit from the endearing light of your higher self’s deep compassion and cosmic guidance.

If You Are Made of Universal Consciousness, Then How Could You Have a Unique Identity?

Spiritual teachings emphasize that your essence is made from divine substance — universal consciousness. And this divine substance is the energy found within everything, everywhere.

Noah’s Ark – Truly Unsinkable

There was absolutely no way that the ark could ever sink for God had designed it and the eight people who were aboard, had placed their confidence in Him that He would preserve them during the Flood. God had invited them to come on board; He shut the door and thus became responsible for their safety. Inside they felt completely secure and though sailing amidst one of the greatest disasters to befall our world, they eventually arrived safely at their destination.

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