Angel Number 326 Meaning – Reasons Why You Seeing 3:26 Signs?

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Forget Everything You Think You Know About Faith

Legend had it that their ancestors had spoken with God. Why should they not believe it when this relatively small community of people continued to survive while all around them nations fell? Once the nation divided, and one half prospered while the other collapsed, why should that half not believe that its royal line had God’s blessing?

An Akashic Records Experience Is Like a Holographic Akashic Movie Theater

Imagine if you could magically teleport into an amazing theater that was playing a high-definition holographic video of any part of your life set in the past, the future or in one of your past lives? Well, you just imagined what an actual astral projection into the Akashic records is really like.

The Church and Technology

How can the church use technology today, save money, and use this as a tool in the Great Commission of saving souls? By utilizing open source software is one way. Another way is to utilize a ministry that knows how to put together open source software, inexpensive equipment and hardware, and have the ability to code and edit the source code to put it all in place. By combining it all together, your church can benefit with specialty equipment, customized software, training, while keeping the costs down to a fraction of what it would be with commercially available solutions.

So, You Don’t Believe in God – Do You Believe in Love?

What is the scientific equation for love? What is the experiment that proves the existence of love? God is love. Love is God. Just as light exhibits the characteristics of both a particle and a wave, so God exists both as an external force and an internal emotion.

How to Honor Your Ancestors the Kamitic (Ancient Egyptian) Shaman Way

Honoring the ancestors is a worldwide practice used to remind the living of their ancestral heritage and cultural obligations. Besides being a great way to celebrate the life and contributions of your ancestors. Honoring the ancestors is a great way to verify that the deceased is truly resting in peace and ensure that your ancestral heritage will not be forgotten. There are numerous ways in which this can be accomplished. The following article is a simple modification of how to honor the ancestors in Kamta, an Afro-spiritual practice based upon the Kamitic and Kongo philosophy combined, with African American and Afro-Caribbean spiritual practices.

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