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How Can I Learn to Trust?

This morning while looking through my bible I chose to read the book of Luke.Β  As I read, I just couldn’t believe how much of what I was reading was apropos to so many lives at this very moment.

Good – Better – Best!

The Bible isn’t antiquated. It is relevant today as it was over 2,000 years ago. You will be amazed as to how it will give you direction in being successful in all areas of your life.

How To Live For God

Living for God in today’s sin infested culture goes beyond church attendance. If you’ve ever thought about how to live for God in these challenging times you’re not alone. The scripture reminds us that in the last days people’s love for God will grow cold and so many will plunge themselves into a live of pleasure. This truth is fulfilled before our eyes everywhere we turn. Here are four powerful keys to consider:

5 Lessons From First Time Church Visitors

“Good morning, welcome to _____ Church.” “Excuse me I am not sure that we’ve met; my name is ____” “So glad you worshipped with us today. Please come again.” Do any of these greetings sound familiar? If you have heard them several times, then you’ve possibly experienced a warm, welcoming congregation. After numerous conversations with first time visitors, several lessons can be given to congregations who seek to live out Romans 12:13 that reminds us to “practice hospitality.” What makes a church appear friendly and welcoming? This question gets asked a lot by pastors and ministry leaders who seek to be even more faithful to the Great Commission. The other question often asked is “Why do first time visitors return a second time?” Interestingly, the answer to both of these questions dwell in the responses heard when asking first time visitors why they may describe a church as “warm, friendly and welcoming.”

Faith and What It Takes

Positive faith is the essential ingredient for a beautiful life. But faith alone will not do the trick. We also need to bring effort — effort born from our faith. That is what living faith means. Positive faith is the foundation upon which good things are built – but don’t forget the building.

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