Angel Number 329 Meaning – Reasons Why You Seeing 3:29 Signs?

7 Day Prayer Miracle
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How To See God: The Spiritual Power Of Straight Line Meditation

The most powerful spiritual practice is not prayer, ritual or the study of scriptures. It is attention. This article explains why, and introduces Straight Line Meditation – a method that anchors attention, bringing highest fulfillment in everyone’s reach.

Layman’s Bible Commentary on Romans – Lesson VII

For anyone to use the excuse of continuing in sin so that God’s grace will be more clearly shown. This idea was to turn into a sect among Gentiles that having been freely forgiven for all sins, God did not nor could not require any obligation to keep the moral law. By the 1800’s in Europe, they flourished, and some still exist. They were called Antinomians. Paul quickly says, ‘No way!’ God forbid; by no means. He expresses shock and strong disapproval. To be dead to sin indicates total separation, complete and final.

How To Have a Solid Friendship Relationship With God

In my home, my children are all encouraged to be as close as possible to me. I relate with them as friends, they love me even as they know and see for themselves that I love them too. You will be surprised at the level of confidence, they can talk with me, confide in me, tell me some top secrets about themselves and their friends.

What Can Help Me Achieve Enlightenment? Begin Your Journey With the Right Tools

When it comes to living in the moment and being more enlightened, you might have some questions that you’d like answered. For instance, you might be saying, “Dr. Puff, how do I reach that point? Is there anything I can do to speed up the process of waking up and of having a life filled with the present?”

The Tarot, Relationships, and Meaning

This article explores the ways in which the relationships between tarot cards can affect their meaning and how to beginning looking at those relationships. It offers an exploration of the tarot in light of patterns that can help a diviner improve their accuracy and the depth of their readings.

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