Angel Number 330 Meaning – Reasons Why You Seeing 3:30 Signs?

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Who Is Your Twin Flame and Where Do Twin Flames Fit in the Grand Cosmic Design?

Twin flames are what used to be called soul mates and they seem as spirits entwined and when they come together in a life, they burn more brightly while giving off almost a single light. Who is yours? Why do we have these eternal bonds?

Astral Body Anatomy – Understanding the Astral Body’s Ethereal Physiology

I suppose it sounds odd to describe the astral body in terms of physiology but your astral form does actually have an anatomy though it is quite different from the human anatomy. In this article I’ll confine my discussion to only the astral body physiology but your ethereal entity does have some amazing abilities and talents.

Astral Project and Grow Younger – Could Astral Projecting Lead to Reverse Aging

Astral projection is an awesome thing to do all on its own. But what if astral travel also came with the side benefit of making you grow younger? Revolutionary theory and a new experiment in reverse aging with the assistance of astral projecting.

Layman’s Bible Commentary on Romans – Lesson I

When Paul wrote this letter, he had not visited there. He knew about the group of believers. His communication was intended to give a full account of his experience, and knowledge, and understanding of all aspects of the Gospel which he preached among the Gentiles. Included also was the direct revelation he received from the risen Savior, and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. In addition, he was completely familiar with the Jews’ system of religion and tradition, since he had been educated by the best teachers and had been a most zealous advocate for Judaism. At this point, he had frequently disputed with the Jews in every detail of their arguments against his.

Layman’s Bible Commentary on Romans – Lesson II

Apparently no apostle had yet been to Rome. The extraordinary spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit were only conferred by means of the apostles. Paul wishes that by his visit he may be the giver of such, that their faith in Christ’s Gospel would be the more firmly established. In this way, they were yet different from all the churches that Paul had personally founded.

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