Angel Number 334 Meaning – Reasons Why You Seeing 3:34 Signs?

7 Day Prayer Miracle
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End Times And The Return Of Christ Vs Rebuilding The Temple And The Antichrist

We keep looking for natural things to occur, and miss spiritual reality. Figuratively, it’s like we’re standing on our roof top, looking for the return of Christ, when he’s down on the street. Satan keeps most of us crucified between two thieves, just like Jesus: (1) the past, and (2) the future. The end times are very real, but Jesus wants us off our roof tops with our feet firmly planted on the ground.

Who Is Saved? How to Be Saved? Who Is Going to Heaven? How to Save the World?

Are Christians duplicating the same mistakes the Jews did when it comes to our thinking about a nationalistic Israel? Or does God have something more life-impacting in mind? Could he be trying to get us to look to him for our wisdom, and not the wisdom of man and the countless end-time gurus it produces?

A Course in Understanding Universal Energy III: Cellular Circuitry Receptivity and Conductivity

Energies Awakening is an in depth exploration of the attributes of universal energy and its application and utilization as a tool of creation and healing in our lives. Included is exploration of the attributes of universal energy and its inter-relationship with spiritual beliefs and healing arts. The information included in this series can easy be applied to any religious philosophy and alternative healing approach.

Unplugging the Holiday Steamroller

The holiday season is one of the most beautiful times of the year yet it is filled with paradoxes and mixed feelings for most of us. My childhood memories of Christmas left a lot to be desired. My father was a violent alcoholic, left with a five year old daughter after the death of my mother. We transitioned into a new home with a stepmother who had little interest in a child that was not ‘hers’. One of our crazy holiday dysfunctional ‘rituals’ was my father coming home after the bars closed and knocking over the Christmas tree on his way to bed.

Presenting the Soul to God the Father

When we present our soul to God the Father, after having freely and deliberately consented to give ourselves to Him, in essence we find ourselves kneeling before His Infinite Majesty, facing Him with the soul on the palms of our uplifted hands. The Alpha and the Omega of the universe sits regally on His throne, facing us in immense splendor and Omnipotence, whereas Jesus stands closely to His right, with the Blessed Virgin Mary standing next to Jesus in turn. God the Father, Jesus, and Mary all look at us patiently, silently, but most intently, awaiting the handing over of…

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