Angel Number 919 : numerology & meaning

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Wondering why you might be seeing the number 919 in your everyday life? See this video about the angel number and its spiritual meaning.

Basic Bible Doctrine – The Baptism of Jesus and the Meaning of the Dove (Mark 1:10)

At his baptism, why did the Divine Spirit descend on Jesus like a dove? Continue reading to learn.

Attributes of God – God’s Ownership and Our Gratitude (Why You Need To Embrace Both)

God possesses whatever. What difference should that make in your life?

Avoiding Passivity: A Christian Approach to Overcoming Adversity

Christians, like skeptics, typically do all insufficient to leave their problems, so their suffering remains longer than needed. Passively sustaining hardship that can be placed behind the victim with a little initiative makes no feeling to this writer.

Never Ignore, Reject, Overlook, or Dismiss, the Comprehensive Work and Ministry of the Holy Spirit!

If you are dry or feel emotionally barren after that concern Jesus Christ and seek that baptism and blessing with the Holy Spirit. Beware not to overlook or neglect that rejuvenating water which Jesus Christ offers since that well will never ever run dry! The Holy Spirit can also be symbolized by oil. Oil speaks of gas and also power and do we not require to be sustained as well as fed by God and also energised by the outpoured and also restoring Divine Spirit? When Jesus Christ poured out the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost there is an importance of water and also revitalizing water as Jesus puts out the Spirit. He was anointed with the same Spirit by God the Dad when he emerged from the waters of Jordan River.

If You Are Looking for Deeper Spirituality and Inspiration This Is Where It Can Be Discovered!

What happened at Pentecost as well as exactly how is this so highly appropriate to the Church of Jesus Christ today? Why does this matter? It is far more crucial than many actually become aware. They were collected together in one location, at the one time and they were unified. Someone had arranged it and also all existed as well as Jesus Christ honored that celebration. They understood and understood something of the fundamentals as well as essentials of discipleship from the actual beginning. Over these past 45 years I have actually met really couple of individuals who have actually recognized the basics of discipleship. But check out the account which is given us in Acts Phase 2. Whenever a person reviews words of God and opens himself or herself to the Word of God our living loving thoughtful God is so prepared as well as anxious to bless and also compensate. Be open to God’s Word and also to receive and embrace what He reveals to you.

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