Astrology vs Astronomy: The Difference Between Astrology And Astronomy

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Astrology vs Astronomy:

If you are a newbie when it comes to space and it’s possible impact on our lives, this video will explain the basics in a few minutes.

Astronomy is a science that tries to discover as much as possible about everything that exists in our universe. It tries to examine how stars and constellations were created and if there is any physical or chemical reason behind it. Studying orbits and possible changes in constellations belongs to this topic too.

Astrology is a different story. It is also known as a pseudo science. In other words, there is no real science behind it’s philosophy. What it tries to do is to tell us if these planets and stars affects us humans. Is there some kind of energy or gravity involved that we aren’t aware of? Does space impact our moods or our life path? There is a debate going on about this for years. We leave it up to you to make your own decision. Horoscopes are popular and based on these stars. Is there real truth behind their suggested influence on us?

Astrology is sometimes confused with astrophysics or even cosmology. Astrophysics is the science behind astrology. Astrology itself is a much broader topic and could even simply involve using a telescope. As soon as you start to implement physics however we refer to astrophysics.

The astrology vs science debate is a popular one. You can read a whole lot of articles on how professionals write that there is no proof for astrology. Search for astrology vs astronomy debate and you’ll find a good amount of inspiration.

We hope this video helped as a good starting point.

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