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Near-Death Experience: A Trigger for Spiritual and Life Changes

Have you ever come close to death’s door only to be drawn back to your body? Prior to the 1970s no one had heard of a near-death experience (NDE). Now it is common for people to open up and share what happened to them during an event that almost took their life-or in some cases did! Those who come back may find it difficult to be here on Earth with all its sorrow. Some are so different that they leave jobs or relationships they were in prior.

Top Ten Myths About Being a Psychic/Healer

All Seeing and All Knowing – Perhaps the biggest misconception is that I’m all seeing and all knowing. Like I know where you lost your phone 1 year ago, and asking if I can tell you whose house it’s in and what the address is.

The Eyes That Do Not Abandon The Light

We can be our own worst enemy, or our own best friend. When we are our own best friend, our eyes do not abandon the light of reality and reasonable action.

Dominical Wealth

SYNOPSIS: The article compares between material wealth vs Dominical wealth. The article tries to summarise that beyond livelihood requirement & purpose, material wealth has little value or usage. But we tend to go on accumulating material wealth for generations to come and in doing so forget to earn Dominical wealth, thus wasting our human life. We earn feeble by acquiring material wealth and lose the great opportunity to earn gem in form of Dominical wealth.

Words Matter – But Do Prayers Matter?

Words matter in our every day speech as far as self image is concerned. Do words used in prayers matter? Here are three simple steps to improve your prayer life.

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