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The Power of Devotion

The article tries to visualise the great power of devotion. The article calls for unfailing devotion towards ALMIGHTY at all times and in all circumstances.

How To Find Your Dream

This is one of the most frequently asked questions that comes up in sessions with clients on a weekly basis! “How do I find my dream? How do I get in touch with something I yearn to know?”

Light, Integration and the Shadow-Self

Turn around and face “you” embrace “you” and begin to integrate all of “you.” There will be more light than shadow. There will be less darkness and more light.

The Pieces of Your Life

Take the pieces of your life and throw them into the air, then trust that when they land they will be where they should be.Β That is an example of how much we are supposed to let go of controlling our lives.

Gentle Words Make A Gentle Man – Out Of The Abundance Of Heart Does He Speak

A gentleman is a gentle at all times and in all manners, especially with the words that he chooses to speak. He understands that he can turn bad situations into good ones with the words of his mouth. A soft answer turns wrath, but harsh words stir up anger. A gentleman understands that his words paint pictures, as the brush of an artist paints his canvas.

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