Access Conciousness

Drop judgement. Change your life. Beside other aspects, the consciousness is also willingness to take the contribution, not only to give. Taking and giving is an exchange of energy. Don’t hesitate to take. Having the right energy brings to you the abundance which you deserve and desire.

Conscious Creation – Creating With the Divine

In this article you will learn how to use the process of conscious creation to create something with the Divine. We are always co-creating with the Divine because we are all spiritual beings, but to do so with focused conscious awareness and intention is really a special experience.

Manifesting Heaven On Earth Today

Is it possible to enjoy heaven on Earth? Life in heaven is absolutely different from normal life on earth. But you can indeed live heaven’s way of life while on earth. It is a matter of your daily choices in life. This article is to make you understand why you should manifest God’s kingdom here on earth.

Hunting For Ancient Truths

There are many sacred things around us. All of life is sacred and holy. Every tree every blade of grass and even more so is each person holy. Creator has throughout the ages bestowed special blessings upon us children. There are many holy truths and gifts around the world in every culture and time.

The Shaman Way – Seeing and Interpreting Alternative Realities

There are other realities that look very much like this one does physically. Some People call them alternate realities. Jim Carrey made a movie where everything about his life was staged inside a bubble. Do you remember that movie? When he tried to get in a boat and sail away, the boat stopped at the edge of the bubble and he realized it was not real. Some realities are that close to our own.

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