Blue Apetite Meaning + Healing Properties

Are you ready to welcome more “aha” moments into your life? Whether you are unemployed and looking for what’s next in life, or could use a little extra oomph, look no further than adding blue apatite to your crystal collection.  Most commonly found in strikingly cobalt to light blue hues, blue apatite can also be purchased in gray, green, brown, and gold/yellow.  The Greeks appropriately named this stone meaning, “to deceive,” since it was often mixed-up with types of Beryl and Peridot.  Since the mineral is formed from calcium phosphate, it is believed to assist in healing and strengthening bones, teeth, regeneration of cells, and organ tissue.  This high vibrational stone has an incredible list of metaphysical benefits too, including generating a calming, yet uplifting peaceful energy, that assists in mental clarity, along with the strength to solve problems and accomplish anything you set your mind to. 

Used primarily for the throat and third eye chakras, blue apatite has been used as a powerful healing stone to assist in clearing energetic blocks in the chakras, meridians, and bio-field (aka the aura)- specifically the mental body layer.  It works to release the stagnant energy of various fears and emotional situations: fear of public speaking stimulates being more comfortable in social situations where clear communication is also needed. Blue apatite has been said to release emotional trauma, and hurtful memories from our past.  It breaks through energies that contribute to mental exhaustion by raising your vibration to feel more positive.  

Those that have worked with blue apatite have said it stimulates inspiration to solve problems and increase creative expression.  If you are looking to manifest your dreams and goals, then working with this crystal will enhance your inspiration and personal power to get things done!    It is said to expand the mind, which allows you to be open to new perspectives and ideas, increase retention and comprehension of knowledge, making it a great stone for students, teachers, and those who work in the business.  Working with blue apatite is believed to activate psychic and clairvoyant gifts, revealing vivid messages through visions in a meditative or lucid dream state, which helps expose the highest level of “truth” from the perspective of the Divine mind, revealing the progression of your soul through lifetimes in the Akashic Records, and removes confusion as to your life and soul purpose in this incarnation, and raises Kundalini energy from the base of the spine.  Keeping a piece of blue apatite in your pillowcase, next to your bed, worn as jewelry, or held in meditation are the best uses for this stone.  Using it regularly will bring forth a deeper connection to our Higher Selves, guardian angels, ascended masters, and other celestial light beings, including the spirit of Earth, otherwise known as Gaia, and extraterrestrial blue deities like the Hindu god Krishna.  

On a spiritual level, blue apatite works to balance energies of our own Divine masculine and feminine qualities, otherwise known as Yin and Yang energies.  Despite our gender, we all have masculine and feminine qualities to our being.  This crystal works especially great to clear blockages and energies that disrupt the harmony between the various layers of the aura, the chakras, meridians, and on a physical level with the organs.  Blue apatite is believed to form and repair cells, but also glands, cartilage, and anything to do with bodily tissue; joint repair, alleviate arthritis, and motor function.  It is said to be a great aid for weight-loss by not only curbing your appetite but also activating a fast metabolism!  Other uses for physical healing include enhancing eyesight and providing relief for headaches.    

As a master healer, I highly recommend buying a piece of blue apatite for either yourself or a friend who is looking to move forward on their path in life- between the pandemic with Covid-19 and the current state of the world- we could all use the positive, lovely, calming energies that blue apatite emanates.   

Important note for my friends who are new to working with crystals: due to its high vibration, using blue apatite may cause dizziness or vertigo if you are not used to working with crystal healing energy.  It is best to use this stone in increments to prevent such effects, and of course, use your best judgment for the duration and frequency of use.  Jumping into using high vibrational stones may be very ungrounding for some- so it is best to also have a crystal nearby that can provide stable, grounding energies, such as Hematite, Onyx, Obsidian, Smoky Quartz, or Black Tourmaline.

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