Conscious Parenting – 5 Tips For Mindful Parenting with Katherine Live

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Everyone Says I’m Supposed to Have a Spiritual Director, But How Do I Choose a Good One?

Have you been told you require a spiritual supervisor? Ever wonder what the requirements are for selecting an excellent one?

December 21, 2012: The Time of Rebirth and Remembrance Is Here

We have listened to quite an array of predictions, suggestions, worries, hopes, as well as wishes throughout the year regarding the end of the Mayan schedule on December 21st, 2012-from end ofthe world to collective enlightenment and everything in between. What is the Winter months Solstice actually all about?

Understanding The Chakras For Tantra Practice

When exercising tantra, recognizing the chakras and also what each of them stands for is very essential. The chakras are essentially the centres of core energies that guide every little thing we do in our lives. A tantra master must assist his pupils recognize the relevance of each of these centres and also just how they enter into play during tantra guidelines and technique.

The Movement Away From the Conventional Neurology – A Radical Departure

On this planet, most of us go via demanding lives. In order to free ourselves from that circumstance, we need to look well past the standard neurology. That departure can be rather interesting as it leads the way to flexibility. Right here we check out some associated issues.

You Don’t Ask To Be A Medicine Man

The Indigenous American practice educates that to be picked as a medication individual needs humility as well as also shouldn’t be sought; one should be selected. Muskogee Creek Senior citizen Bear Heart describes exactly how he was welcomed by two seniors of his tribe to be educated in the medication means.

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