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Childish Ways Behind Them – 1 Cor 13:11

In the 1960 Hollywood production, Elmer Gantry, the late Burt Lancaster received an Oscar for his portrayal of a conman turned crusade evangelist. In the film, Gantry uses his salesmen skills to sensationalise the gospel. He woos the crowds with emotionally charged sermons, condemning sin, his fiery personality captures the audience’s imagination. He is transfixed with the ‘power’ of it all. The pulpit’s spotlight has drawn him like a moth to a light bulb. However, when the light is switched off his true dedication is to whiskey bottles and women.

About Forgiveness

What should counselors really tell their clients about forgiveness? Read here to see a new perspective.

A Spiritually Personal Compromise

Would you call yourself a spiritual person? Do you love everyone and everything above and on this planet? Is your life perfect in every single way imaginable?

Accepting the Baptism of God

Nowadays baptism is a public demonstration that we acknowledge we belong to God and are committing to live re-born lives. By Divine re-birth, having asked God to put to death the old life, which was free to the sinful nature – having buried that old life – we come to consummate and accelerate our friendship and partnership with God.

Numerology 4: The Path of Living 4

Living a life path of 4 suggests that you are a level-headed and practical person. You have some strong ideas about what’s right and what’s wrong and employ a very sure-footed attitude never wavering from your convictions.

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