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So what is an angel? An angel is a supernatural being that is a benevolent celestial intermediary between a higher being and humanity. Finding your own guardian angel is important as well, this is a type of angel that is assigned to protect and guide you in your life!

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Translated titles:
¿Cómo nos protegen los ángeles? Obtenga su regalo GRATIS

Wie schützen uns Engel? Holen Sie sich Ihr KOSTENLOSES Geschenk

Comment les anges nous protègent-ils? Obtenez votre cadeau GRATUIT

Como os anjos nos protegem ✨ Obtenha seu presente grátis

Hvordan beskytter engle os ✨ Få din GRATIS gave

Hoe beschermen engelen ons ✨ Ontvang uw GRATIS geschenk

In che modo gli angeli ci proteggono ✨ Ottieni il tuo regalo GRATUITO


Hvordan beskytter engler oss ✨ Få din GRATIS gave

Hur skyddar änglar oss ✨ Få din gratis present

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Why Bay’ah (The Oath of Allegiance)?

The fitness instructor of the Tasawwuf is called the Murshid, and the learner is called the Murid. Bay’ah (the vow of allegiance) is the arrangement between Murshid and also Murid. Bay’ah is the beginning of Tasawwuf training. The assurance about resting to the Murshid without a doubt constitutes the basis of nafs training. Bay’ah is a Sunna of Rasulullah. As awliyaullah is an inheritor of Rasulullah and a devoted servant of Allah (swt), actually, bay’ah is a pledge provided to Allah (swt).