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This video is about how do I control my thoughts during meditation.

I wanted to share my experiences on how to control your thoughts during your meditation so that you can have powerful and wonderful experiences whilst you meditate.

So how do I control my thoughts during meditation? They say that’s an empty mind is a devil’s workshop and this is the same for meditation, so in order to control your thoughts during meditation then you need to fill your minds constantly with positive thoughts and reaffirmed these thoughts if you lose focus during your meditation.

This can be very difficult when you start to do meditation, is after you have learned properly how to meditate, then it can become difficult to control your thoughts and stay focused on your meditation and not wander off thinking about your daily life or any problems that you are facing with.

It is really important to develop a technique of dealing with controlling your thoughts during meditation because if you cannot do this, then your meditation will be difficult and in many cases unsuccessful.


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