How to Clear Your Mind for Meditation

Learn how to clear your mind for meditation in this video.

As I have experienced during my own meditations, especially in the beginning, is that it can be very challenging to clear your mind and keep it focused during your meditation and in this article, I will share my experiences of how to clear your mind in order to have great meditations.

So how to clear your mind for meditation? Clearing your mind is best achieved by filling your mind what a constant flow of positive thoughts which will lead to positive feelings in your mind, creating powerful meditations as a result.

Clearing your mind and getting ready for meditation and keeping your mind focus during meditation, is a struggle that many of us face when they start to meditate.

It is something that I also struggled with when I started to do meditation, and to some extent, it is a hurdle to overcome even for those who have been doing meditation for a while.

I will share my experiences and the solutions that I found four ways to clear your mind so that you can experience a great meditation with many positive results for you.

What does it mean to clear your mind?
First of all, we need to look at what it means to clear your mind, especially during meditation.

Does clearing your mind mean that you empty your mind so it becomes an empty vessel that automatically will be filled with wonderful experiences during meditation?

Is that even possible?

This is something that I have struggled with and I think that many people struggle with. Is it possible to have an empty mind and if it is possible is that something that one should do?

I personally think that clearing your mind does not mean to have an empty mind. From my personal experience, I found that the term having an empty mind is not practically possible.


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