How To Invoke The Angels Into Your Life

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Helen Demetriou explains different ways that you can meet your Guardian Angel. Please visit Helen’s website at or follow her on Twitter at

Lessons in Surrender – Becoming More Spiritual

It started with a feeling, after that an indicator, a push and after that a book. A signal to transform, to reduce, to breathe more deeply and also to go within.

Spirit, Come With Fire, Breathe, Empower, Give Life

FROM the day the Holy Spirit came, breathing the wind of life with fire right into the disciples, God was reminding mankind that He, the carrier God, is a providing God. Christians are quick to own Pentecost, however the Jews had been commemorating Shavuot with the Feast of Weeks for over a thousand years when the Holy Spirit came with Pentecost 10 days after Jesus’ rising.

Have I Got God’s Calling On My Life?

CALLED. It’s what Christians call it when their life changes from dark to day – when God switches over the light of purpose on in their heart – to offer Him as well as Him alone. ‘Called’ is what happens when God makes that impact on a Christian’s heart. When this happens, as well as just individual by person can each understand, God can not be declined!

How to Be a Fool Forever (Thoughts on Psalm 14)

Nobody likes to be called a fool. Yet in the Scriptures God utilizes this label to recognize certain people.

The Gospel According to David, Part 1 (Thoughts on Psalm 15)

If you could ask God any inquiry, what would certainly it be? How around this one: “Who may stay in your haven?

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