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Motivating “I AM” Affirmations:

In this video we share 84 I AM Affirmations to help you feel positive about yourself. Every motivation or change starts within yourself. Pick the ones you can relate to and remember their importance. Speak them out oud or repeat the words in your mind. They can bring you so much positivity.

Once you start to implement them you may notice how much brighter your life could become. We are all people and we all matter. When times get rough you may want to take a moment and listen to these I AM Affirmations. Try to find a quiet place and get comfortable. Some people even use meditation techniques to find their own peace.

I am strong, I am beautiful and I am worthy. Just one example that may already be good enough for you. Believe in yourself and in your powers because there’s more to life than we may think. Once you live by your affirmations you may experience a deeper connection with spirit. Having a balanced life will benefit you in a variety of ways.

On our website we provide a whole bunch of examples for you of which some include an inspirational picture. Feel free to check them out or share them with your friends. Let’s all get the absolute best out of life together.

Try to not lose faith quickly. It may take some time for your “I AM” Affirmation to become a part of your life. Every change is a new experience and practice makes the master in the end. The only person who knows if you’re ready is you. Let’s make this a great day!

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