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When Dreams Don’t Come True, What Do You Do?

If you’ve lived long enough, you may identify with the sobering reality that sometimes dreams don’t come true and people don’t live happily-ever-after. So what then? What do you do when dreams don’t come true and you know you must still carry on?]

Make Plans, Not Resolutions, As You Begin the New Year

You know how resolutions go. For a few weeks or even a month you stick with your resolution because of the energy and enthusiasm doing something new brings. Then these things wane and the resolution slowly disappears.

I Know I Should Discern But I’M Scared – What If God Asks Me to Be a Priest, to Be a Nun?

Scared God might be calling you to be a priest or a nun? That’s OK. It’s totally normal. Here’s what you can do to keep from letting fear paralyze you in discerning your vocation.

Getting Rid of Guilt – Confession

Sometimes we Christians can be stopped in our spiritual journey by feelings of guilt. Here’s how to get more out of the way Jesus gave us to get free of guilt, confession…

Past Lives, Finding Out Who You Were

Past life regression can be both entertaining and therapeutic. Most people use either a hypnotist or psychic to learn of their past lives. It’s natural (and healthy) to be skeptical as there are definitely con artists out there. Consider these tests for proof of accuracy.

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