Life Path 11 – The Intuitive

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People with life path number 11 are some of the most intuitive people you will ever meet. They will often decode what goes in people’s relationships and even when they haven’t been told anything.

11’s are very sensitive and a great gift of intuition. they will usually have a natural sense of what happens behind the scene, even when they haven’t been told anything. they also have a deep understanding of others.

11 life path possesses the attributes of the life path 2 magnified. People with this life path number are also good at forming successful partnerships and working with others.they are often reliant fate rather than logic when it comes to dealing with various life situations.

11’s are often faced with the huge challenge of not allowing their gifts to overwhelm and consume them. they are also often faced with phobias and fears. they have an excellent idea of metaphysical matters. they may also feel moody and indecisive at times.

11’s are determined sets of people and usually possess the energy to follow through on their dreams. they will do well in careers where they can use their gift of intuition to help people and solve various problems.

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