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How Should A Man React And Respond And Behave When His Spiritual Leader Is Insulted?

How should we react when our spiritual leader is mocked, ridiculed, and insulted? Part of Jesus Christ’s uniqueness and beauty is on display, if His disciples respond with grace, when He is reviled. Followers of another leader counter the mocking of their central figure with outrage and violence. When the Son of God became a man, He willingly subjected Himself to man’s bruisingly appalling behaviour. Jesus has been caricatured and mimicked to this present day, especially in the media. Those who portray the Son of God in such ways and with cynical sarcastic words really do not know the harm they are doing themselves. How are His disciples to respond? Yes, we can become aggrieved and angry, but we identify with Christ and embrace and share in His sufferings, whilst rejoicing in affliction, as we are called to love our enemies. A faith which has no insulted Saviour, will find it hard to accept and endure insults.

Developing Faith Through the Logic of No Limits

Different Viewpoints on Faith Faith has often been about believing in something that we have been told. All spiritual texts remind us that only through faith can we be made whole, or reach the kingdom of God, or walk in the correct path.

Is The Tantra Teacher Spiritual Perfection Or Spiritual Mentor?

By no means is the tantric master a figure of spiritual perfection. If that were so, there would be nothing worthy of worship in his life – and a tantric who does not worship is a contradiction in terms. The tantric arts require a constant process of worship, be it of the tantric deities or the female or male as the personified tantra goddess and tantra god. Rather, the tantric teacher is a fellow-traveller who has already been to many of the destinations that his students wish to see.

When You Are At The Crossroads

Everyone has or will experience a crossroad; a time when choices have to be made. What we do at the crossroad, will determine the outcome.

Golden Rules – Part A From K

Been re-reading a book, something to do with some commandments. I like the jacket cover, it fits the Fall I feel coming and starting to even like again. Oh, the pleasure of reading it once again, knowing how my heart feels, it is so relatable.

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