May 2021 Numerology Forecast: The Biggest Change of 2021?

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Each of Us Is a Part of God

In the Church of Perfect Liberty we view God as ‘All’ or ‘The Whole.’ From this perspective we are all part of God and therefore we are firmly and intimately linked to Him. Also, since everything is part of that same Whole we are linked to everything else in the universe. For our entire existence everything we see, feel, hear and touch, including the air we breathe, the food we eat, are all part of God: The Whole.

An Easter Message On Manifesting Dreams

This is a timely message at Easter time because in I’m going to share about how to manifest your dreams in the context of what’s been holding us back from creating the world we all would truly love to see, and that has everything to do with certain illusions we’ve been historically harboring that have been perpetuated primarily by religion. Read more…

Psalm 89 – When Prayers Feel Unanswered

We all feel betrayed from time to time; when God’s defence of us has fallen strangely silent. We will ask, ‘How long, O LORD?’ And we won’t like the answer. Times like these we’re invited into the suffering servant Spirit of Jesus who endured everything we have, and more. Such contemplation will help. Our perspectives are being broadened. When we desire to understand God’s entire plan for our lives we may eventually discover why many of our prayers remain unanswered in the affirmative.

Bible Numerology and The Number 8

Controversial as it may be, the significance of numbers in the Bible can’t be ignored. There are multiple repeating patterns of numbers and if there was no significance to them then why are they so prominent?

On Being a Stranger (One Who Is Strange): Punk Rock, Egocentric Fantasys, Christianity and the Devil

Punk rock has always been my main religion. Other religions have competed for my attention but when it came down to it – Punk Rock was it. I remember when I was 14 – I had been listening to punk since I was 11 but after watching the Sex Pistols Great Rocknroll Swindle, punk rock became a faulty source of strength for me.

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