Numerology Life Path Number 1 – All You Need to Know

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Numerology Life Path Number 1 – All You Need to Know

knowing your life path number is one of the things you should strive to achieve because it will give you a clear direction in life. You will know the kind of job you should apply for, the kind of friends you should surround yourself with in order to achieve success in all aspects of your life.

Here are the major traits of people with life path number 1:
1. they are very courageous and hardly influenced by the opinion of others. they are born leaders and they tend to always want to take the initiative in each of their endeavors.

2. they are goal-oriented and have an extraordinary will to achieve their heart desires
3. they are always willing to tackle any form of hurdles that come their way while on a mission to achieve their goals in life.

4. they always want to be loved by people around them, and they are also quick to protect the interest of people around them.

5. they like to be alone and they can achieve lots of exploits whey the are left alone to meditate and reflect on their goals and dreams.

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