Radical Honesty – The Importance Of Telling The Truth In Relationships

End of the Age: What Does Our Future Hold?

When Old Testimony prophets offered an end ofthe world message, it was given with the hope that mankind would certainly transform to avoid “rage.” A massive intervention is happening with the help of ascended masters, who are looking like people, assisting us move our awareness and also actions.

Might This Be Part Of The Answer For Your Hopes and Dreams And Ambitions In 2013?

May this be the solution or a contributing element to the solution to among your significant inquiries initially and also launch of yet another year? What are you looking for? What are your hopes? What are you fantasizes and also aspirations? What are your prayers and especially your unanswered prayers? Is there something as an unanswered prayer?

A Tantric New Year Message

Possibly the best New Year resolution for you is to choose a real tantra educator and also enable your life to transform right into among happiness, internal tranquility as well as consistency. Old tantra is a spiritual path of total change that touches every aspect of your presence. Regardless of where you are in life now, it is never ever also late to walk this spiritual path, and also to find what it means to live a life of vibrancy, fearless and also power.

Finding Hope and Faith When Disaster Strikes

Wonder if Angels are actual? And what about other mysterious phenomena? What if you were given a preference of what Paradise seems like? Visualize just how practical that could be when facing difficult times?

The Bible and Money: Ephesians 4:28

I enjoy reading what the Scriptures states about cash. One verse that has always interested me is Ephesians 4:28 … “He who has actually been stealing have to take no much longer, yet must function, doing something beneficial with his very own hands, that he might have something to show to those in demand.” – Ephesians 4:28 NIV