Secrets Of A Gemini: Gemini Traits

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Traits Of The Zodiac Sign Gemini:

Gemini people are born between may 21 and june 21. The Roman number 2 represents this sign and so does the “twins” symbol which you’ll find in horoscopes.

Gemini can have a different personality throughout the day. The reason for this is their intelligence and the fact that they think things through a lot. They can think “yes” at first but later decide to go for a “no”. However, a Gemini is usually relaxed with a chill state of mind.

They are fun people and they enjoy challenges a lot. They are creative and they really know how to bring their talents to life. Don’t give them a boring job or else they’ll soon lose their interest. They can make great managers or influencers as they know how to be in control.

Gemini traits also include their ease of fitting in. They love people and people usually love them back. They are great talkers and they have a good vocabulary. Discussions are no problem for a Gemini so be prepared for that.

Sometimes they can quickly change their mood or their opinion. This is because they think a lot and some kind of confusion could be looking around the corner. Pro’s and con’s will pop up until the point of confusion. Just take your time with them and expect a whole lot of fun after this phase.

The Roman number 2 sign expresses this “twin” behavior. They can’t live alone but they also can’t be together all the time. A fluctuation between 2 personalities or meaning is the reason for this sign.

Best matches astrologically speaking are Libra, Aquarius and Aries. We hope you understood some of the most important traits of a Gemini from this video. Feel free to visit our website for more interesting stuff!

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