Secrets Of The Zodiac Sign Leo: Leo Traits

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Traits Of The Zodiac Sign Leo:

First of all, the sign of Leo is represented by the lion. We tell you exactly why that is in just a second. If you’re born between July 23rd and August 22nd you are a Leo.

Just like a lion these people possess a high energy level. They are able to hunt for their prey, or in other words their target. They are so courageous that you could be surprised by the things they achieve. Together with good self esteem they are true dream hunters.

One of the Leo traits is their helping hand. Their personality goes a long way and people usually love that. They care about others and their wellbeing. That’s what makes them great leaders. They are able to control a group and make sure everyone is feeling just fine. If your boss is a Leo you may have experienced this at work.

After all the action however it’s time for some rest. This trait is obvious when a Leo decides he or she needs a nap. In order to deliver you have to take good care of your energy levels.

In between all the action and all the sleeping it’s time for some fun! Entertainment and telling jokes are some of the things they are good at. It excites them and distracts from all the busy obligations.

A Leo trait that isn’t always appreciated by others is when they get arrogant. They don’t mean to be but it comes across as such. All the success could result in them being a little bossy. Just give them some space, things we will back to normal in just a moment. And by the way, why shouldn’t they be a little bragging? It’s pretty normal to be proud of yourself whenever you hit your target.

Working hard enables them to afford some luxury. They deserve it and they’re not afraid to show it towards others. You can also find them enjoying a luxury holiday as they love to travel. They see it as a new adventure with new missions to accomplish.

Leo compatibility within astrology is either Sagittarius, Aries and Gemini. We explain exactly why in this video. We hope you enjoyed it!

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