Secrets Of The Zodiac Sign Sagittarius: Sagittarius Traits

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Traits Of The Zodiac Sign Sagittarius:

Between November 23rd and December 21st it’s Sagittarius season. So, if you are born within these days, this is your horoscope.

So what are they all about? The most important trait to know about is how much they adore freedom. They absolutely love to have some spare time and enjoy life to it’s fullest. This includes trips, adventures and going for a walk in nature. But it could be anything that sets them free. Let go of the hectic world and enjoy life!

Another personality of a Sagittarius is that they can be quite curious. Off course this varies amongst them individually, but you’ll find this characteristic regularly. To them, life has so much to offer that it’s almost necessary to explore it as much as possible. New challenges and new experiences add up to learning as much as they can.

Next on the list is entertainment. A Sagittarius loves his share of fun and excitement. Good jokes, visiting shows, all that kind of stuff. Also an evening with friends with good stories and other amusement is what they are after. Old memories and laughing together is not uncommon either.

Another Sagittarius trait is their power to keep on going. They can be extremely motivated and won’t quit on something out of the blue. They know how to handle stress and obstacles, which means they are able to fight for their target. With their knowledge they are able to influence and convince other people to stay motivated.

Materialism isn’t the main focus of a Sagittarius, even though they enjoy some money to spend on fun. They are able to balance everything out just fine. This makes them great friends as they are down to earth but willing to work hard at the same time. This balance makes their life exciting.

Their optimism and excitement can stand in their way sometimes. It could happen that they get overwhelmed by all the fun they discover and just let their minds flow. They could say things without really thinking them through and maybe even agree on a new task that may be out of their league. But that’s still fun in most cases, we all can get too excited once in a while.

The entertainment can sometimes also be noticed in their romance. They are thrilling partners to have and will keep their relationship interesting. Joking and flirting are a part of this.

Sagittarius compatibility: Aries, Leo, Libra and Aquarius. Keep in mind that anyone can be a good match, this is an astrological approach.

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