Secrets Of The Zodiac Sign Virgo: Virgo Traits

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Traits Of The Zodiac Sign Virgo:

If you are born between August 23rd and September 22nd then you sun sign (or Zodiac sign) is Virgo. In this video we explain it’s traits and why the symbol of the virgin was chosen to represent it.

Before we start, in case it interest you, Virgo falls under the element of Earth and is ruled by the planet Mercury.

One trait of the zodiac sign virgo is the talent for paying attention. They are great observers and can be very tactical when making important decisions. Paying good attention allows them to interpret a situation thoroughly which results in making the right moves.

It may seem as if a Virgo wants to know everything about a certain situation. They are curious but also very careful. By analyzing every corner of any circumstance they try to experience the whole thing as clear as possible. This makes their chance of taking a risk very small. It’s as if they (re)live each moment by starting from scratch. Just like a virgin they enter a moment as if it’s all new to them.

Keeping things organized is what they are capable of. Having a good overview makes them feel comfortable in a situation. It allows them to feel safe. This could be in their private life or at work. Good organization will result in achieving big goals. But the path towards that goals needs to be crystal clear.

Obstacles along their journey are not a big issue. Because they keep the overall picture in mind and because of their organized brain, it’s ok to fix some issues along the way. That’s just part of life for a Virgo.

Another Virgo trait is their ability to express true friendship. This can be towards friends and family or even towards business partners. However they need to trust you. If they don’t it means they don’t feel safe and therefore won’t show how friendly they really are.

Personality goes a long way, especially for this zodiac sign. They love to express their curiosity by studying and visiting classes. They love life a whole lot and therefore show their happiness by taking good care of their looks. Each day is a blessing so let’s look awesome today!

Going “all in” on a certain topic and understanding every detail is a powerful tool to possess. From time to time it could happen that they believe others do the same. This can cause friction. But it’ll all be ok pretty soon, especially when you are true buddy’s.

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