Starseed Oracle Message From Orion – May 2021 (Part 1)

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Why Is It Always God’s Fault?

The world is filled with a lot of pain and hurt. We often blame God for this. But we must realize that people cause much of this pain. We also must realize that Satan is real and he also causes much of this pain. We need to stop blaming God and put the blame where it belongs.

Bad Habits and Self Sabotage

It is no secret to the large majority of us how we are to take care of ourselves. In fact when you think about it and get right to the meat of it is simply common sense. It order to remain healthy in our bodies we should eat properly, get plenty of rest and exercise regularly.

Is God Female Or Male?

If He is not male, then why refer to Him as such? God is Spirit. What then does this mean for us?

The Leap Of Faith

Taking a leap of faith calls for a solid foundation, perseverance and commitment. When you’re making a stretch in the direction of something that you desire that’s far removed from reality, there’s a need for strong persuasion. Have you ever taken a leap of faith before? What were the element s of your thrust? Some of the things we see and cherish today were mere ideas in the minds and hearts of people. With determination and perseverance, they have become things of value that benefit us today. Our faith in God’s word is a substance to the things not yet seen but there’s a strong belief that it’ll come to pass. Your decisions and beliefs are the parachutes to your future expectations.

Expressing Human Nature

Without Christ, every heart is restless. Trying, but failing to be at peace, because no peace is possible for those who are opposed to God (Isaiah 57:20-21). But most do not think they are fighting Him. That is because they hardly ever consider that He has authority over them. So they have no fear of Him. They justify their behaviour, but ultimately it will damn them.

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