Starseed Oracle Message From Orion – May 2021 (Part 2)

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The Spirit’s Gentle Whispers – Part 1

Stay close to the middle. Humanity has a way of straying from the path of wise accord. It’s good to remember this, daily, moment by moment.

Three Steps to Spiritual Enlightenment: Earnestness, Concepts, Being-Ness

There are three important steps which are crucial aspects in moving in the direction of living an enlightened, awakened life. Any one of us can take these steps.

How to Handle Temptation

Winning over temptations should be the desire of every true believer of Jesus Christ. Don’t be surprised if and when you’re tempted as a born again christian. It’s important to develop proper perspective when temptation comes your way, no matter how tiny it seems. The ability to respond wisely to the lures of temptations hinges on preparation, knowledge, and honesty. You’ll discover the mechanics of being a victor instead of a victim as you read through this article.

A Little Book With A Big Message

A Little Book with a Big Message By now most of you have either read or heard of a best selling book called, “Heaven is for Real”. I was so impressed by this story about a little boy and his loving parents that I am compelled to write about it. For those of you who don’t know, it is about a four year old boy who almost (perhaps does) die from a ruptured appendix.

When Circumstances Do Not Work Out Well or Go Very Wrong, People Look for Someone to Blame

What might happen and what can happen when circumstances appear to go seriously and tragically wrong? People are always looking for someone to blame and accuse when there is something wrong or very different. When disaster strikes people try to find a scapegoat. In A.D. 64, on July 19, another fire began, and this time it was in Rome. Rome was built mainly of wooden houses, and the fire raged for two weeks. Nero watched from his balcony. He said the flames were as charming as flowers! Some said Nero started it, but he began to look for a scapegoat. He noticed a group of people called Christians, and all this can be found in secular history and documented by Tacitus. Emperor Nero falsely diverted the charge upon the Christians.

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