Starseed Oracle Message: Set Your Intentions With Andromeda – July 2021

A Search for Truth, The Hidden Mysteries of Masonry

My search for truth began many years ago, but I truly began in earnest shortly after joining the Masonic Lodge in 1974. I have always been a seeker, one to not always follow the conventional wisdom of the time.

How to Satisfy Your Hunger (Spiritually and Physically)

All physical hungers when taken in excess such as over-eating, unhealthy sexual behaviours, addictions etc. all result from our soul crying out to be satisfied; crying out for something more; something that only the love of God can fill. If you’re an emotional eater then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Learn how to satisfy this hunger.

The Energy of Forgiveness: What Is It?

Individuals come to me seeking help and healing in their life because I am a Master Energy Healer and Medical Intuitive. In the process of discovering the reason for their illness or dis-ease there is often times some type of trauma associated with the illness or dis-ease. Many times the trauma has come from events where they were a victim of another individual’s action(s). Many times the negative energy which is a result of the unresolved trauma has caused the individual to become ill. One of the ways of resolving the illness and dis-ease, caused by the trauma, is to forgive the incident.

Sacrificing Present

If you can just look honestly inside when you feel a desire. All you will see is a pain. If that pain is sooth-able through some future solution then the feeling of pain quickly turns into HOPE. If mind is unable to come up with a solution, despair occurs. One feels helpless. Hope is a manifestation of future solution, despair a lack of it. What happens when one feels helpless? When no ‘solution’ is at hand? One seeks an escape through over-indulging in alcohol, eating, sex, T.V, talking etc.

Mystical Goddess Ma’at Is The Goddess of Integrity and Discernment

The gift of discernment is manifested through truth and integrity. Mystical Goddess Ma’at’s unique energy permeates or flows into and through all of your Chakra energy centers. Seek the light and the light shall always provide for all your wants and needs.

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