Sun Sign vs Moon Sign

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Sun Sign vs Moon Sign:

You sun sign is also known as your zodiac sign. Depending on the approach you take (Western or Sidereal) there are 12 or 13 sun signs. Each birthday corresponds to one of them. At the time of your birth the sun passed a certain constellation (group of stars) in our universe. This constellation carries the name of your sun sign, like Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc. They tell you more about the personality of a particular person.

You can find your zodiac sign in horoscopes. The personality under a certain constellation is reflected in these famous predictions.

Your moon sign tells you more about feelings an emotions. At your exact time of birth the moon was closest to a group of stars as well. This group could differ from your sun sign as the moon has it’s own position. Therefore your moon sign could be Scorpio when at the same time your sun sign could be Capricorn.

To determine your moon sign you need more than just a date of birth. You also need the exact time and the location. There are calculators online to find out your moon sign.

Moon signs are not always getting the attention they deserve. People often only know someones sun sign. Knowing their moon sign as well could give a better understanding of how they communicate and socialize.

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