The 72 Angels of God (complete interpretations)

The Sin Virus – You Can’t Run If You Are Sick

Sin in a person’s life is like a virus to a computer. Both prevent them from living up to what they were created for.

Taking Ascension Seriously

Are you experiencing a lack of seriousness around the work of Ascension? Perhaps you’re questioning your inner guidance, questioning whether you are capable of making a difference, or even capable of awakening. Perhaps you’re simply not following through with your inner promptings? This article delves into what taking Ascension seriously really means.

The Sparrow in the Chimney

One day, a woman ran to her neighbor in panic and she said to him: “There is a strange noise in the pipe of the chimney”. It was summer and fire was not yet lit in the chimney. Wanting to help the lady, he went to find out what was happening.

Different Spiritual Journeys

Two throngs gather at the base of the southern tower of the Golden Gate Bridge. Fifty Buddhists wearing maroon wetsuits prepare to swim 1 1/4 miles in the chilly waters beneath the Bridge to the Marin Headlands near the Bridge’s northern tower. After crossing, it is a short hike to a very secluded retreat center in a hidden cove.

Defining Witchcraft – Incorrect Dictionary Definitions of the Craft

The definition of Witchcraft is often inappropriately conveyed in a variety of dictionaries; many of which offer definitions suggesting that Craft practices are something sinister or evil. What’s more, dictionary definitions of the term witchcraft make no differentiation between the lowercase or capitalized term; when capitalized, the term witchcraft represents a practitioner of magick that uses the art within the context of a religion.

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