The Art of Slowing Down | Slow Living

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I believe happiness comes from taking the time to slow down and enjoy the small moments in life. There is so much to be grateful for on planet Earth. All it takes is for us to pause and fully immerse ourselves into the present moment. Enjoy the video my lovelies where I talk about the art of slowing down 🙂 Here’s to slow living!




What Does the Tree of Life Look Like?

What does the Tree of Life look like? A number of years ago while attending the funeral of a good friend’s daddy, I began strolling back to the van most of us gotten here in. As I walked back to the car park, I noticed I had actually entered another time and reality. As a buddy as well as I walked side by side we entered one more world, It was a barren globe as well as seemed as if it was where we originated from in the past surviving on planet. Proceeding on, we passed a scraggly old cicada tree, which to me signified the Tree of Life. With the years that picture has continuously returned right into my thoughts.

The Pastoral Opportunity

As God works out His purposes in individuals’s lives, as suffering, as pastor, job convenience into their lives via His elegance. As experiencing jobs into individuals’s lives, function out of His grace in their presence … so they may see Him, as well as respond in faith.

Master Number 11

In the area of numerology there are three master numbers, 11,22, and 33. A master number consists of added effectiveness enabling a spirit to try to accomplish particular goals and goals.

Resurrection Power

And if this is the power that dwells in you, what are you waiting for to find your life? For you to rise from the dead? To show the world that you have actually been secured with the Holy Spirit and power.

Why Do We Incarnate?

What is the purpose of life in the world? Why do we incarnate on this world? These are questions each and also every one people has asked at the very least once during our existence on world earth. Why are we right here? There needs to be more to it than simply maturing, obtaining a job, aging and also passing away. What would be the purpose of it if that was all there was to life. It was a concern I asked years back and it began an individual look for responses.

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