The Bio Rhythm Review 2021 ( Scam or Legit)

Evidence Of Water Found On Mars – So Where Are The Martians?

The recent discovery of evidence of water existing on Mars in some distant past brings the question to mind, where there ever alien civilizations existing there in the past? This article explains why you may never meet an alien when visiting other planets. The variability of time systems between two alien civilizations may keep them in their own time frame even though they may be alive at the same time.

Is It Synchronicity or Coincidence? Find Out

Just about everyone has experienced Deja vu. That very weird feeling and ‘recognition’ that you have ‘done this exact conversation, with the exact same people, in the exact place and timeframe’ before. Does our mind play tricks on us? How can this be? How do you explain this phenomenon? We are in awe of this mystery.

Hajj Rites Before Prophet Muhammad S.A.W

Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam and Muslims are under an obligation of performing hajj once in their life (if capable both financially and physically). Hajj is the Arabic word which means to set out for a place and for Muslims that place is the grand mosque of Mecca and it also refers to annual converging at the Mosque of Mecca which is also known as (the house of GOD) to perform some prescribed Islamic religious rites. The rites of the hajj are prescribed by the last Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and whoever sets out to perform hajj must follow those prescribed commands in order to complete this religious duty.

No Mud – No Lotus

Over the years, I’ve become a devout believer in the notion of necessary suffering – that you cannot heal, grow or become “conscious”, deeply self-aware, without suffering. Thich Nhat Hahn, Buddhist monk and author – puts it this way: “It’s like growing lotus flowers. You cannot grow lotus flowers on marble.

The Spiritual and Paranormal

Did you ever have an experience that you could not explain or heard noises that seemed to be so out of this world that everybody told you it must have been something ghostly or paranormal? Did it tickle your imagination or did it frighten you? If things go bang in the night it may be spooky but is not necessarily ghostly! But what to believe and where to start? Try common sense, it works for me and I am a believer!

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