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Hi, my name is Angela Carter.
What I’m about to share with you is hands down the most humiliating moment of my life.
It was the first Christmas after my divorce.
And I can still feel the heat of my face blazing firetruck red.
How I felt frozen in my shame.
I had spent my entire life manifesting the perfect life for everyone else…
But completely ignored myself in the process
Even though I’d actively participated in every moment of the creation of my life…
I just didn’t see myself in it anymore.
After my divorce, I spend months and months trying in vain to manifest an “abundant” life.
I bought courses, followed gurus, and read countless books.
I tried The Law of Attraction, The Secret, and guided meditation.
I always ended up right where I started: “Nowheres-Ville.”
I realized that if I was going to actually live the life of my dreams…
It was up to me to manifest it.
No one else was going to create it for me, and no one was coming to save me.
As you’ll see, on a whim, I took a journey halfway around the world…
Desperately trying to end the humiliating pain of manifesting nothing but scarcity in my relationships, in my identity, and in my finances.
I’m so glad I pulled the trigger on my worldwide journey of discovery…
Because I discovered that what was blocking a life of abundance wasn’t some kind of external force like I thought

What was blocking me
Literally stored IN my body.
But, as I’ll share on this page, I discovered a strange but powerful “switch” that cleared away what was blocking my abundance…
And turned my life around so fast it made my head spin.
The journey was painful at the start… but once I discovered this switch, it rocked my world.
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